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Front-Commerce 2.0 RC1: eCommerce web performance for humans

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Front-Commerce 2.0.0-rc.1 has been released today. More performant and with better defaults, this version is what will make your website faster. This is why we bumped the major version.


We've chosen to bump Front-Commerce's version number to 2.0.

We think that a version 1.0 mean that a solution is both stable and ready-to-use by everyone. Front-Commerce was already in this state since the first 1.0 alpha release.

For more than one year we shipped both improvements and new features in a backward compatible way, for projects that were used in production. We had to do both to satisfy our customers. We even added support for Magento 1 in a beta release! Every release could in fact be considered as a minor one (1.1, 1.2…) in a semantic versioning way.

Our latest release was focused on performance improvements: new features, optimizations and tools that help developers to build shops that load under the 3s threshold.

If 1.0 was a stable version with sufficient features, we decided that the release making Front-Commerce one of the best solution for blazing fast online stores should be tagged 2.0!

What's new in this release?

Too many things to fit in a paragraph! Stay tuned for a dedicated blog post next week to dig into the new features that makes Front-Commerce fast.

By then, you can browse our documentation and the Migration guides since the last 1.0.0-beta.3 release. As always, partners and customers can read our full changelog from Front-Commerce release notes.

Feel free to send us an email or a Slack message if you have any question.

Ready for takeoff

Check out our Magento 2 demo store and the same codebase connected to a Magento 1 instance. We hope you'll notice how far we went over the past few months. Incredible speed is only a beginning: Front-Commerce will keep increasing your online store performance from now on.

For this reason, several teams consider using Front-Commerce as a solution to provide a migration path to their Magento 1 customers: deliver a new frontend experience that increase sales by September, replatform the backend in 2021 or later.


Over the past few months we've accelerated our growth, created a dedicated company for Front-Commerce and onboarded our CEO: Laurent Lacaze.

Being customer-driven, led us to balance our roadmap between refactoring, improvements and new features. We've made performance a priority.

Our team is also committed to make projects built by others successful and professional services (trainings, expertise…) kept us busy! We helped partners and customers to upgrade to this version and troubleshoot their performance issues. To date, some are in production since february, others are about to go live but all stores in production will be using Front-Commerce 2.0+ in the next few months.

Performance will remain our core-promise, and you can expect continuous improvements over the next releases.

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