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Hello world!

· 2 min read
Pierre Martin

Today we are excited to unveil our new website:

It marks the beginning of Front-Commerce’s distribution, and is an answer to the traction we have seen over the past few weeks. This website is for developers wanting a better understanding of what Front-Commerce is, and why we made it this way.

This is our official documentation website too! Even though Front-Commerce is a proprietary product, we have decided to maintain our documentation in the open. It will grow over the next few weeks, as we are working towards Front-Commerce 1.0. You can contribute by sending us questions, opening issues or fixing typos / grammar mistakes in a

PR.PWA for eCommerce is a hot topic right now, and we receive more and more questions about Front-Commerce. We hope that you will find the information you are looking for and continue the discussion with us.

We are also excited to attend — and sponsor — Reacticon, the first conference and hackathon focused on PWAs in the Magento community. Since Front-Commerce supports most of Magento2 features — with shops in production — it is a perfect timing for us to meet with developers and get their feedbacks and expectations.

Reacticon is a great opportunity for us to discuss with maintainers of other solutions such as Magento’s PWA Studio, Deity or Vue Storefront to share ideas, maybe some tooling and understand our differences.

On a business side, we are looking to work with close partners and build a rich ecosystem with different domains:

  • UX designers,
  • front-end agencies,
  • microservices addicts,
  • Magento agencies,
  • accessibility experts,
  • e-commerce consultants

If you share our vision and believe in our product, you could be one of them!

Time has come for us to share more about our technical choices, vision, roadmap and day to day eCommerce user-centric development using modern technologies… so stay tuned!

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or need guidance for your project.

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