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To 1.0 and beyond!

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Front-Commerce is here to stay. Here is what we have been up to over the past few months and what to expect from us in the near future.

Regular releases, a dedicated team, a revamped documentation, first trainings, Magento1 support, the beginning of new partnerships…

Front-Commerce is taking off as a product

If we have kept a low profile since October, it is because we have been deciding what the best future for Front-Commerce would be as a product. We have had several business proposals that were available to us and after much thought we have decided to continue on the path we were following: Front-Commerce is here to stay, as an independent product!

As of today, we now have 3 people working full-time on Front-Commerce. This dedicated team is still in close relationship with Occitech’s team, who keeps maintaining and iterating on the biggest Front-Commerce projects in production to-date.

Our goal is to maintain this close collaboration, by migrating Occitech’s projects to the latest version of Front-Commerce before every official release. We believe this is a key feature of our release process, to ensure that we are providing a seamless migration path and detect potential issues as early as possible in the development process.

Meet Karim, a new kind of Developer in the team!

Front-Commerce is (and will remain) a product aimed at empowering developers on their path towards modern web development, with the latest technologies and a high level of quality. We know that developers value our product and are proud about the quality of relationships built in our technical ecosystem over 2018.

But hey, we are a company with an ambitious vision! It is time for us to build a solid community of teams sharing our love for a better, faster web.

That’s why we are happy to officially introduce Karim, our new team member! Karim is in charge of Business Development & Partnership since more than a month now.

Hello Everybody !

I am so happy I have joined the Front-Commerce team. I am convinced that our pioneer storefront solution is the best ready-to-use one. And I know how committed our technical team is to making Front-Commerce a top-notch solution in terms of development quality and functional coverage.

Please, feel free to contact me if you need information about our solution, our company or just to know me 🙂

Karim and Pierre will attend OroVibe France next week, it would be a good way to say us hi!

1.0.0-alpha.0, 1.0.0-alpha.1… every release brings us closest to 1.0.0!

Until 2018, we have been dogfooding and incubating Front-Commerce by delivering several projects in production as part of Occitech.

Armed with experience from these real-world use-cases, we have refactored and reorganised Front-Commerce’s internal, so it can now be used with confidence by different teams. These « big bang » backward incompatible changes have been our first priority to ensure that the projects which were being started would not need tedious rewrites when upgrading. This is also the occasion to work with our partners to ensure that their upgrades are painless.

Since our first alpha release we have been working with our partners on incremental improvements based on their feedback. We have also reduced technical debt and will continue on our path until we are confident that we could follow our roadmap with semantic versioning in mind.

We invite you to read our releases page (if you have access to our private Gitlab instance), or our Migration Guides. We will announce new releases on this blog too from now on.

Dig into our documentation

​​Great news: our long-awaited documentation is now available! Partners, potential customers and developers have been requesting it for a while and it was one of the first thing we wanted to deliver to them/you. It marks our confidence in our current API and architecture (we did not want to document things that would radically change), and the start for a continuous improvement.

Our code is closed source, but our culture is open source! This is why we wanted to make our official documentation public (some API references may still be restricted though).

We are proud to announce our revamped version of (this site), almost 1 year after publishing its first version. As every documentation, this is an ongoing process. We are commited to spend 1 or 2 days a week to publish new pages. We also made documentation part of our Definition Of Done so every new feature (or change) will come with new content in our documentation.

We know that many teams are benchmarking PWA solutions for eCommerce as we speak, and we hope that this resource will help in understanding how Front-Commerce is one of the most mature solution out there.

If something is missing or you would like to know more, as always, contact us and we’d be happy to get back to you!

And even more things

We have so much to say! Stay tuned for future publications by following us on social media. Here are some spoilers…

We have been happy to deliver our first training a few weeks ago! It is one the professional services we provide.

Magento1 support is on the way: the first Magento1 / Front-Commerce PWA project is being designed as we speak and we aim to have a public Front-Commerce demo and stable code for June 1st. It will be a fully-featured integration (not a

POC) that will allow you to go live quickly, leveraging Front-Commerce’s maturity with Magento2 stores in production for over more than a year.

Remote schemas stitching with Magento2’s GraphQL implementation will land in Front-Commerce soon. The first use case is fetching Magento’s store configurations.

And several theme improvements.

With you?

If all of this sounds interesting to you, let’s get in touch!

We could introduce the project more in-depth, answer your technical questions, provide support for making your projects a success and onboard your team on the « PWA bandwagon » with us!

Let’s build an innovative community together.

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