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Deactivating unnecessary features

Front-Commerce contains several features enabled by default to provide a good experience out of the box. Deactivating features you don't need can make your application faster.

Each production context is different: projects may not need some features or the infrastructure may have other components that provides the same feature in a more performant way. In these contexts, we recommend that you deactivate Front-Commerce built-in features to prevent unnecessary processing and improve your application's performance.

This page contains a list of features that can be deactivated when not relevant to your context.

Deactivate response compression

You can deactivate response compression (e.g: gzip) from the Front-Commerce server. It allows to reduce your server CPU usage in contexts where a frontend CDN or proxy can handle compression more efficiently.

If your application is deployed in such context, you might consider deactivating it. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • globally: set the FRONT_COMMERCE_EXPRESS_COMPRESSION_ENABLED=false environment variable and no response will be compressed
  • per request: add the x-no-compression request header to prevent compressing specific requests